Toddler Milestone 5

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Toddler Milestone 5[edit]

Please see Toddler Milestone 5 at the main Observant Mom website for the very latest about this milestone. Below was recent as of July 18, 2020

Toddler Milestone 5 – Persistence and Insistence
Starts: 2 years, 1 week
Most Intense: 2 years, 1 month
Ends: 2 years, 1 month, 1 week
Irritable Period Summary
• There may be a noticeable increase in head circumference at the start of this one
• At first it’s a child who might grab your hand and lead you somewhere a lot, want to cuddle, be sad that you left, etc. Then that and possibly:
• Bossy, demanding, and whiny, e.g., mom has to sit on a particular chair or has to change their diaper a very particular way
• Wants things done exactly the same way as days earlier, which may not be possible and may result in a meltdown, e.g., assemble a train track like another person did (and you don’t know how they did it)
• Won’t nap, stalls at nap time
• Occasional night wakings
• Clumsy (may be from not napping)
• Takes clothes off
Most Intense Period
• The previously listed behaviors start out somewhat subtly and get increasingly more intense until the most intense period
New Abilities Summary
• Comes back to the same activity day after day and gets better at it each day
• Very persistent at accomplishing a challenge, e.g., a jigsaw puzzle
• Insistent on doing what others are doing, e.g., to do what their older siblings are doing, such as painting with them
• Remembers how something was done from a few days ago
• Very conversational
• Speaks two sentences, e.g., “Hi, Mommy. It’s nice to see you.”
• Can verbally state emotions
• Notices emotions in others or in characters in a book involving the characters

Contributor's Observations[edit]

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Joy was born at 40+4 and is 2 tomorrow. I’m finding a lot of these behaviours have started in the week preceding her second birthday after a relatively smooth few days out of the previous milestone. There is a strong need for cuddles, sometimes choosing this in place of feeding to sleep. Although tonight she wanted to feed and was very upset and whiney when I moved to get more comfortable or she couldn’t find the nipple in the dark. There is clear mastery of simple puzzles this past week or so, along with the use of 3 word sentences. So, a lot going on for her right now!

Sleep Disruptions[edit]

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