Toddler Milestone 4

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Toddler Milestone 4[edit]

Please see Toddler Milestone 4 at the main Observant Mom website for the very latest about this milestone. Below was recent as of July 18, 2020

Toddler Milestone 4 – Memory Expansion
Starts: 22 Months, 3 weeks
Most Intense: Starts 23 months, 1 week +/- 1 week and lasts a few days
Ends: 23 months, 3 weeks
Irritable Period Summary
• Starts out with a child who is simply clingy and/or might wake up crying
• Defiant in doing normal routines, such as taking a bath
• Might cry
• Skips naps
• Stalls going to bed (wants to read more books, play with toys, etc.)
• When they wake up from sleep, they often cry
• May become more slightly more clumsy or fall easier or run into walls
• Wants only their primary caregiver at certain times
• Demanding of time
Most Intense Period
• All of a sudden one day cries more easily or thrashes around, wants to be held, might seem confused, refuses naps for a few days in a row or other sleep disruptions (might wake up at night), might have a slight fever or get sick easier, and may demand large amount of time from primary caregiver
New Abilities Summary
• Learns many words rapidly in a short amount of time
• Increase in memory, such as singing almost an entire song
• Remembers an answer to a question, such as what color something is, without seeing it
• Persists at activities that are more open-ended and require visual discrimination, such as putting a train track set together (the kind that can only fit together one way)
• Initiates conversations
• States opinions
• Uses more complex sentences, with subjects, objects, verbs, and adjectives
• Re-enacts simple stories
• Much more delicate fine motor control, e.g., careful in handling and transferring objects
• Better at puzzles, knobbed cylinders

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