Toddler Milestone 3B

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Toddler Milestone 3B[edit]

Please see Toddler Milestone 3B at the main Observant Mom website for the very latest about this milestone. Below was recent as of July 18, 2020

Toddler Milestone 3B – Symbolic Thought
Starts: 21 Months, 1 Week
Most Intense: 21 months, 3 weeks
Ends: 22 months
Irritable Period Summary
• Clingy at first, asks to be held a lot
• Wants only their primary caregiver
• More intense meltdowns than before
• More intense separation anxiety
• Stalls at nap and bedtime, becomes demanding of primary caregiver’s time, might skip naps
• Picky, e.g., about what clothes to wear or other similar issue
• Wants a lovey
Most Intense Period
• Demanding, picky, may hit or throw, separation anxiety
New Abilities Summary
• Understands abstract symbols, such as letters, better
• Concrete to abstract matching games become possible, such as matching a Cinderella doll to a picture of Cinderella
• Symbolic play, in which they use an object to represent something else, such as a Lego to represent a tea cup
• Pretend play, such as pretending to be a dinosaur, pretending to read
• Imaginative play based on real events, such as puts on a play with dolls based on what they’ve seen others do (perhaps tries to potty train a doll)
• Practical life activities explode: turning lights on and off, buckling seat belts, putting clothes on and such
• Simple conversational flow in how they speak
• Responsive to questions such as saying “I’ll find it” after asking “Where is your pillow?”
• Can remember about 5 events of what is going to happen for the day (snack, play, lunch, store, home)
• Understands difference in gender
• Better fine motor control such as using a spoon better
• Better ability to regulate their own behavior such as placing the spoon next to their plate when done
• More complete sentences such as “I kissed mommy.” (Some see this in earlier milestones but you are likely to see an increase anyhow)
• Capable of learning many colors
• Counting becomes refined

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Joy (21mo 3weeks): This morning she put her dummy in a zipped bag in our dressing room before daycare. When we came home some 9hours later she went straight to the bag and retrieved her dummy. Her capacity to remember where things are/where she left items is amazing to watch. Incredibly fussy about what clothes to wear (or getting dressed/undressed at all). Does not want to bathe.

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