Toddler Milestone 3A

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Toddler Milestone 3A[edit]

Please see Toddler Milestone 3A at the main Observant Mom website for the very latest about this milestone. Below was recent as of July 18, 2020

Toddler Milestone 3A
Starts: 20 months, 2 weeks
Most Intense: 20 months, 3+ weeks until 20 months 4+ weeks
Ends: Bleeds into 3B
Irritable Period Summary
• Note: Not everyone sees this milestone at least not in substantial intensity
• Wants to be in the same room with you always
• Grabs you by the hand and brings you places to do things with them
• Wants to sit in primary caregiver’s lap or near primary caregiver often
• Drools a lot, puts hand in mouth
• Jealous of other children
• Takes blanket or lovey everywhere
• Sleep issues: early morning wakings
• Spatially confused, for instance, thinks they are on the floor when they are on the first stair and falls on the next step. Please be careful near pool stairs or at playgrounds
• Absolutely won’t forget when they leave something they want behind, e.g., their lovey
• Won’t use plates/cups properly but wants to use them in different ways (might carry them to a non dining area or do something playful with them)
Most Intense Period
• Insists on being VERY near you, like in the crook of your neck, can’t communicate what they want, wants to do everything in some specific way that they can’t communicate effectively, sleep disruptions (such as early wakings)
New Abilities Summary
• Sees a challenge they think they can do, which they’ve never done before, and steps up and does it on their own initiative, such as pulling a very heavy thing that you don’t think they can do then does
• Very independent and insists on doing things independently, like getting their own food
• It’s as if this is a bridge between TM 2 and TM 3B. In previous milestone, they are mastering the manipulation of things and taking part in routines. At this one, they take a risk to do something they can’t do. They also play with objects in a “wrong” way purposefully. This play time may be needed to facilitate the next part of this milestone, when they are capable of symbolic thought, of using items for something other than their original intended use

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