Toddler Milestone 2

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Toddler Milestone 2[edit]

Please see Toddler Milestone 2 at the main Observant Mom website for the very latest about this milestone. Below was recent as of July 18, 2020

Toddler Milestone 2 – Strings Objects/Events Together
Starts: 19 Months, 3 Weeks
Most Intense: 20 Months
Ends: Shortly after 20 Months
Irritable Period Summary
• Sleep problems
• Extra crankiness
• Wants to be held and put down over and over
• Wants a lovey to go places with them
Most Intense Period
• A confused child who stumbles when they walk and needs to be near you for an extended period of time, may be in and out of sleep, might have baby nightmares, and wakes up from this state scared and confused. May have a mild fever for one day with no other symptoms of flu.
New Abilities Summary
• Understands and initiates daily routines, e.g., might initiate turning a TV on if that’s what you do in the mornings
• Understands the full routine of something well, e.g., might help you make a cup of coffee in the morning and initiates (and may do) all steps correctly or may put toys away on shelf
• Wants to do routines, for instance, wants to watch you make their bottle or cup of milk, not just be handed it
• May be upset if routines are missed, such as if you skip brushing their teeth one night
• Understands who owns what, such as this is mom’s phone and should be with mom
• Purposely takes sibling’s favorite animal, blanket, or other lovie
• Might show a sad face or cry with the intent of getting another person to do something for them
• Consistently brings favorite animal, blanket, or lovie with them places
• Follows along with simple, dramatic stories, in which events change, such as We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Helen Oxenbury and Michael Rosen
• Loves songs with a twist, such as “Pop Goes the Weasel”
• Anticipates a short term future event such as saying “uh oh” when they know that someone is in danger and about to fall
• Gets scared of certain noises, such as thunder, as they better understand the threat it may be to them
• Arranges things to form a very basic pattern, such as in a line or a stack
• Arranges objects as to represent something real, e.g., Mr. Potato Head
• Deliberately tries different solutions to achieve an end goal, such as making two magnets stick or buckling a seatbelt
• Initiates more complex problem solving, such as laying a blanket down to make a “bed” to lie down on
• Connects ideas together such as motioning that the driver says “move on back” based on the knowledge of the child song Wheels on the Bus
• Verbally answers simple questions such as replies with “Ya” and means it or picks what shoes they want or points in the direction they want to go after being asked
• Fantasy play is more consistent, e.g., consistently flies a toy airplane around as a toy airplane
• Closes their eyes in a way in which they can still see you but they don’t think you can see them, such as hiding their eyes with their hand but peaking out through two fingers
• Tries to sing part of song
• Increase in words spoken, mostly nouns and verbs
• Advanced children may already be speaking in sentences (as listed in TM 1)
• Know 1 or 2 colors
• Understands the idea of counting and may be counting

Contributor's Observations[edit]

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Laura, PJ, 19 months 4 weeks. PJ has been incredibly grumpy and stubborn for the past couple of weeks. She is not distracted/entertained by things that would normally entertain her, she flies into a rage if she doesn't get what she wants and she just screams and cries at the oddest things (last night she went into a meltdown about getting into the bath because she was playing with the sink plug and even though I gave her plenty of warning that once the bath was ready she would be getting in - an activity she normally loves - when I picked her up to put her in she began screaming and kicking and clinging onto me to prevent me from putting her in).

She also seems to flit between wanting solely me or solely her dad. We are not allowed to cuddle or hold hands, she wants one or the other of us but not both. For example at the dinner table she asked for water. I passed her the water but as she wasn't interested in me at that point she passed it to her dad and asked him to help her with it.

Finally she is nursing a lot more than normal, a lot of this is in the evening and through the night - she is waking 4 or 5 times compared to the 1 or 2 she was previously.

Worth noting PJ is normally a very happy child, she rarely cries or gets upset and is usually - while headstrong - a joy to be around!

Sleep Disruptions[edit]

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Favorite Activities[edit]

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