Toddler Milestone 12

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Toddler Milestone 12[edit]

Please see Toddler Milestone 12 at the main Observant Mom website for the very latest about this milestone. Below was recent as of July 18, 2020

Toddler Milestone 12 – Makes Decisions with Many, Moving Variables
Starts: 2 Years, 11 months
Most Intense: 2 Years, 11 Months
Ends: 2 years, 11 months, 2 weeks. Irritating behavior just shy of 3 is likely Three Year Old Milestone 1
Irritable Period Summary
• Want a lot of attention
• Whiny
• Meltdowns
• Won’t let you leave at bedtime, often up until midnight
• Very disoriented and confused. They may have just had a favorite toy, but they think you put it away and keep asking you to get it, even though it is already out
• Stall at bedtime, might say they have to go potty or say they are hungry (but may or may not eat when you get them food)
• Want to be “in” everything, such as medicine and such that they shouldn’t be in
• Want to “help” do everything
• Easily falls off of chairs
• Attached to your leg
• Won’t accept “No” as an answer
• Become back-seat drivers, dictating what street they want you to go down
• Plays with picking the wrong tool for a job, e.g., brushes hair with a book
Most Intense Period
• This one hits like a truck. The intense part starts off right away potentially with spills, accidents, clumsiness, clinginess, confusion and/or whining. They also may demand to stay up really late. However, it gets greatly dissipates right away.
New Abilities Summary
Strong element of knowing how to act while moving and with multiple decisions to make in this one
• Understand directions of how to get around, such as how to get around a relatively new place, such as a new restaurant, or how to get somewhere familiar by car
• Can give turn by turn directions to get to the grocery store
• Loves to do understand things with many steps, e.g., how to bake a cake or make a smoothie
• They like to think about what tool is right for the job when several could work
• Can put on a long play by themselves, e.g., The Gingerbread Man
• Doesn’t just understand but is fully committed to following principles, e.g., “Green means Go” or take shoes off when you get in the house
• Admonishes you to “be careful”
• Can use a principle to make a decision, such as might be able to find the word “Hot” on the washing machine because they identify the letter “H”
Superb Emotional Control
• Can easily now say “I’m sorry” and “Thank you” even when they are feeling bashful or uneasy.
• Is much more willing to adhere to requests, even if against their own whim at the time, e.g., please don’t get into a pool that you are filling up with water
• Better emotional control, collect themselves after they fall
• Noticeable better control over their body, don’t fall as much
Social Skills
• Understands if someone is just joking
• Accepting of “No” as an answer
• Beginning role play such as dressing up as a favorite character or asking who you are pretending to be, which shows the first sign of understanding that you are actually “just pretending.” Before they absolutely thought they WERE Snow White or Thomas the Train
• Put on plays of their own design
• Better at playing cooperative games where players take turns
Mental Connections Across Time
• Recalls past events and makes connections such as a character in a book rescued someone just like their dad rescued them in a pool (which happened in the past)
• Reminds you of something you promised earlier
• Understands the context of where they are, e.g., when you pull into a restaurant, they announce how hungry they are—because they know that’s what you do here at the restaurant
• Might start to make some more abstract connections, such as some cars are “race cars” while others are not (e.g., a tow truck). I moved most of these skills to Preschool Milestone 1. This could use more study.
• They remember protocol at places. They know for instance how to use the conveyor belt at the grocery store, patiently wait for their items to be rung up
Interested in Small Things
• Interested in small details, such as where tiny mice are in their favorite story or that the smallest speck of dirt from a spill needs cleaned up
• Squint their eyes and points to things or maybe likes to look at things through a tube

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