Toddler Milestone 11

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Toddler Milestone 11[edit]

Please see Toddler Milestone 11 at the main Observant Mom website for the very latest about this milestone. Below was recent as of July 18, 2020

Toddler Milestone 11 – Fluid with Principles for Short Term Events and Motion
Starts: 2 Years, 9 Months, 3 Weeks
Most Intense: 2 years, 10 months
Ends: 2 years, 10 months, 2 weeks
Irritable Period Summary
• Whiny
• Possessive of primary caregiver
• In seeming disbelief of what is in front of their eyes, e.g., complain that butter is not on bread when it is
• A large time delay in responding to real events, e.g., after their heads get stuck in a shirt, several seconds after they are no longer stuck, they break out into tears about it
• Want all toys and food for themselves
• Want to stay up late
• Strong desire to do things themselves, resulting in meltdowns if they can’t accomplish the activity / task
• Extreme, major meltdowns, probably in public
• Bossy to others about their role as they solve a problem they are working on
• May use you as a human “tool,” such as making your hand move their toys for them
• Does not handle change well, even immediate change, such as moving a utensil a few inches
• Demands you sit in a very exact spot, and not even inches different
• Meltdowns can last a looong time now, 30+ minutes
• Uncoordinated and clumsy
Most Intense Period
• One or more terrible meltdowns where they seem confused and in disbelief of what is happening and/or where they boss you around a lot
New Abilities Summary
• Evaluate courses of action as right or wrong based on time to apply the action, harm done, or what is ideal behavior
• In the last one, they hold on to things mentally and sometimes apply principles at a correct time. In this one, it’s as if they took full reins over the process. They are in the driver’s seat now, thinking while in motion, making
plans, making decisions, and initiating activities. I regard it as a major milestone with how fluid they become.
Very Fluid at Short Term Plans
• Fully understand short-term future plans and make their desired roles in those plans known, ask about what the plans are, tell others where they should be in those plans
• Understands something like “We can’t have candy now,” because it’s not a convenient time or place, but, on their own, when it is a more appropriate time to have candy, they ask about it
• Might make a little date with you like “Mommy, come over here and let’s take a nap”
• May recognize “Daddy will be back soon.”
• Can be involved in planning activities, e.g., bedtime routine
• Can be told something like “Show Dad this picture when Dad gets home,” and they remember
Understands Principles about things in Motion
• Clearly deep in thought while in mid-action, such as when running around and contemplating their next move
• Loves to explore places and know their way around
• Understands that red means stop and green means go
Initiates Action More Often and is More Fluid in it
• Loves to play Hide and Seek, often as the seeker, initiates the game more often
• Much more fluid in their movement, unlikely to get as seeming lost in what they are doing as in last milestones—really changes dramatically at this one; they are losing their “babyness” big time
• Understands back and forth banter better
• Might play cheeky little games where they resist but they know if you are clever there is little point in resisting
Very Exaggerated in their Likes and Dislikes
• State their strong likes and dislikes
• State what a favorite thing of theirs is
• Likes to exaggerate when things “GROSSSSS.”
• Loves messy/sensory play
• They get a big kick out of your reaction to smells
Handles when Things go “Out of Sight”
• Understand something in a process even though it goes out of sight,
• May understand that food goes into your belly
• Notices that tracks are left after a car/train rode through something
Willing to Cooperate if the Reasoning Makes Sense/Stronger Commitment to Right and Wrong
• More reliably cooperative if you explain something like “You’re dirty and need a bath”
• Tries their hardest not to spill a drink
• Shows restraint in not hitting, because they understand it hurts
• Says “You’re Welcome” at the right time now
Growth in Imagination. Makes up New Stories, Imagines Fake Things
• Imagination grows to things not in sight, like ghosts and monsters
• Makes up simple stories like a person at the door “Might be a monster!!”
• Makes up things in their free play like a toy chest needs a “key” to be opened
• Loves to act out and put on plays (a growing skill from the last milestone), often simple stories like The Gingerbread Man
• Can count up to 30

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