Toddler Milestone 1

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Toddler Milestone 1[edit]

Please see Toddler Milestone 1 at the main Observant Mom website for the very latest about this milestone. Below was recent as of July 18, 2020

Toddler Milestone 1 – Language Comprehension
Starts: 18 months
Most Intense: 18 months, 1 week
Ends: 19 Months
Irritable Period Summary
• Clingy
• Occasional Meltdowns
• Sleep schedule becomes erratic, e.g., unreliable nap times
• Most Intense Period
• Very clingy with many meltdowns
New Abilities Summary
• Explosion in language comprehension
• Follows verbal requests better, e.g., “Please get your bottle”
• Understands and executes the function of an object based solely on a verbal clue, e.g., gets a jacket after the word “jacket” is said or even more advanced, goes to the blender after “smoothie” is said
• Can answer a question but answers it by pointing to something or getting it
• Beginning symbolic play such as non-verbally pretending to put sunscreen on with a toy and signing to put it on their back
• Mimicry and pretend play, e.g., pretends they are shopping
• Can follow a sequence where there are two events, e.g., wipes up a mess and then throws the paper towel in the garbage
• More respectful of others, e.g., doesn’t step on their sibling
• Many fine motor skills such as doing puzzles
• More awareness of and interest in body parts
• Advanced language children (often girls) talk in complete sentences (three or four words). Please do not compare your children negatively to this list! Look for the good in your child.
• An increase in words spoken, about one new word per day
• Understands the idea of counting and may be counting

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