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Collaborative Child Development Mapping Project

This is a project I am super excited to create! It is a place for collaborative child development research. It is based on the child development research at my website The Observant Mom. My work documents the age-related "stages" or "phases" children go through. It is the age-related times when children become more demanding, and often more irritating, but after this demanding period, they have new mental skills as their brain was going through an "upgrade." I have worked to refine this work primarily with my own 3 children and feedback from some mothers. The work is used by tens of thousands and is even being translated into other languages. There is, however, only so much I personally can do. I am super excited for this project! Now, any caregiver can enter the observations they see of their child at any of the age-related developmental milestones. This is the first draft of this for something that can easily grow to have many different features. I appreciate your patience, feedback, and contribution as this gets up and running!

How It Works

Tentatively this is how I see it working:

Please enter information based on milestone. As such, if your child seems to hit a milestone early, go the milestone that seems to describe them well and note that they hit that milestone at X years and Y month. This might change as I gain feedback and experience, but one way or the other, it should be standardized for ease of use for contributors and readers.

Ideally, each child has something unique to identify them as entries are added at each milestone. For now, a name, even if a pseudonym, should suffice.

Who Can Contribute:

With this work, the one thing I insist on is that the children being documented live in a primarily non-punitive home. This means they aren't subject to spankings or (punitive) timeouts. Punitive measures create angry reactions in children, which can be confused with natural child development.

The Milestones

Each link will take you to the relevant page for the milestone.

Toddler Milestones

Toddler Milestone 1
Toddler Milestone 1B
Toddler Milestone 2
Toddler Milestone 3A
Toddler Milestone 3B
Toddler Milestone 4
Toddler Milestone 5
Toddler Milestone 6
Toddler Milestone 7
Toddler Milestone 8
Toddler Milestone 9
Toddler Milestone 10
Toddler Milestone 11
Toddler Milestone 12

Getting started

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.